15 Reasons why Video ROCKS for the Modern Family Portrait

I can't quite put my finger on when it happened, but sometime in the last few years, Video snuck into my home, curled up on my couch and has since become a familiar, irreplaceable friend. Let's face it... today, video is everywhere.  It's a part of our daily lives.  If you're like me, you View, Like and Share video on a daily basis. You've probably pulled up an online video tutorial in the last week.  Your kids might be not only LEARNING from but MAKING their own Minecraft and Lego action YouTube videos.  You summon movies and tv shows 24/7 with Netflix video on demand.  You carry around a tiny video player in your pocket wherever you go.  (What would I do without you, iPhone?)

You laugh, you cry, you connect with video.

I just adore video and I want to share with you the 15 top reasons why it touches my heart.  First, why don't you see for yourself?   Turn up the volume and enjoy.


And now onto the list!


...Because it's cinematic.

There's just something so special about seeing a title screen come up. The wondering, the waiting-- what magic will unfold?  Grab your popcorn.  Your movie is on.


...Because it's not acting when it's from the heart.

What is it that actors do that touches our souls and earns them Oscars?  I'd say, they inspire us by simply acting AS IF THEY'RE BEING REAL.  This is where video portraits really shine.  You're in a real environment, with real people, doing real stuff.  Just be you and you'll deliver a true performance that would even make Denzel or Meryl take note.


... Because they're only little once.

When they're teenagers, you may not be riding the carousel together with them or tucking them in at night or wearing them in a sling.   Just remember, the phrase "and this too shall pass" goes both ways.


...Because there's no better way to capture them dancing to Gangnam Style.


...Because life is best lived out loud.

Shout, sing, laugh, cry... I'll be there to capture it.  What you say and how you say it is a big part of who you are.  It's also a big part of what's missing from your average family portrait shoot.


...Because it's a GREAT excuse to spend time together and try something new.


...Because cinematography is pretty darn rad art.

Just like in still portraits, composition, color and line matter in film too.  The really cool part is to see those compositions come to life. And the really, really cool part is having art that you can share with friends at the click of a link.


...Because not all emotion is centered around joy.

Sometimes we're afraid.  Sometimes we cry.  Sometimes we handle a great challenge and find new strength.  In video, you can keep it real.  I promise I'll never tell you to "say cheese."


...Because Video isn't afraid of the dark.

Photographers, do not attempt this at home.  Here I was 3 stories in the air, swaying from the top of the ferris wheel in ever-fading light.  I wouldn't have dared to PHOTOGRAPH a family under these conditions.  But with video, the limitations are lifted and gorgeous nighttime scenes come into focus.


...Because you'll want to remember how she skipped and leapt when she held your hand.


...Because sometimes you've gotta see life from a new perspective.

I have a pretty creative team and when we see an opportunity, we jump... or climb, or crouch, or ride the swings backwards three times in a row.  We're constantly on the lookout for memorable ways to show your life from a new point of view.


...Because life is an adventure.

Whether flying high or grounded, our stories and experiences shape who we are.  These stories deserve to be shared, captured, and re-lived again and again.


...Because a smile is fabulous and laughter is extraordinary.

Extraordinary?  Yes!  Extraordinary.  Think about how someone's laugh can brighten your day.  Think about how a baby's laugh is different from a toddler's laugh is different from a big kid's laugh.  Think about how you would feel if you never heard your favorite person's laugh again.  Think about how you can identify your partner's laugh across a crowded room.  I'm on a mission to record laughter.  It's just extraordinary.


...Because there are things we forget to say out loud.

I'm gonna let you in on a secret.  This part doesn't require any filming at all.  You can try it at home.  Just turn to the one you love, look into their eyes and tell them exactly what you appreciate and love about them.


...Because happy endings aren't just for Hollywood.