Be Who You Are... Be-YOU-tiful

If there's only one way to be gorgeous, then I'm handing in my Beauty Photog card right here, right now.

Every woman is beautiful and every woman has a beauty all her own.

I was thrilled to meet Andrea for her recent Beauty shoot at MDP.  She might have signed up for business headshots, but I was on board for the total package-- a true glamour experience head-to-toe.


Andrea is that perfect combination of frank and genuine but still accommodating and cooperative.  Yes, she knows what she likes-- she knows her style and she rocks it.  But yes, she's also willing to try new things.

Andrea's typical 9-5 look goes a little something like this...


She's got confidence, poise, and a strong look in her men's tailored shirt and trousers.  She's also got fabulous green eyes that look AH-MAZ-ING when matched with green!  Props to Andrea on the shirt selection and Brittany (Tickled Pink Artistry) on the makeup artistry.

Andrea (who typically doesn't wear makeup) took a step outside her day-to-day by rocking the liner and false lashes.  She made me take an iPhone pic before she left, just to shock her friends.  Love that!


What happens when a Beauty photog meets a men's suit?

The cut was boxy and the look was, by design, not feminine, but I saw potential there.  The obvious choice would be to pare it with a collared shirt.  I'm not a fan of obvious.  I thought we'd go more glam with a sheer scarf tied to make a tube top and a strategically placed clip to cinch in the waist.   Voila! Pop the collar, strike a pose.  Andrea's looking very Vogue.

And have I mentioned how much I adore the emo-chic look that Andrea's sporting on the right? (See above.) Band t-shirts never looked so good!

In the end, the simplicity of bare skin with beautiful backlight was all that was needed to let Andrea's full beauty shine.


Andrea, I love that you are true to yourself; that you make everyone around you feel comfortable and at ease; that you're willing to try new stuff and smile from start to finish.  I especially love that you tear it up on the dance floor, but that's another story.  Thanks for showing a new side of glam!