Beauty Photographer Meets Beauty Queen

When approached to do a beauty shoot for charming little Mandy (Edison Festival of Lights pageant-winner), my mind started racing.  How to make it special?  How to show off her gorgeous tiara and pageant dress beautifully while still letting her express herself ?  

As a child photographer AND a beauty photographer, it's an interesting line to walk to let kids be radiant, playful, and just a touch grown up all at the same time.


Together, her mom and I planned the ultimate shoot to capture Mandy's moment as the reigning beauty queen.

We started in downtown Fort Myers  with a subtle application of makeup.  Brittany Myzeqari of Tickled Pink Artistry playfully said, "I'm allergic to makeup on kids."  We all agreed less is more and chose to leave the pageant trends behind and instead apply just the teeniest bit of gloss and mascara for our princess.  Those giant stone pillars at the Sidney and Berne Davis Art Center made a regal backdrop for her royalty.  But the real fun was still ahead.

I pictured a glowing field where Mandy could dance and vogue and dare I say-- frolic? Yup!  I've said it.

I scouted out the perfect location and timed it just right for the golden hour before sunset.  With the light sparkling in her tiara and wrapping around her curls, she looked positively angelic.  It was so fun to celebrate with her and create non-traditional portraits that celebrate her as the beauty she is.  Mandy, even though your crown is gone, I hope you'll always know how beautiful you are.  I say you're a princess every day!