Best Friends

"I so regret making time for my bestie," said no one ever.

I know how it goes... there's food to make, kids to care for, errands to run, ballet classes to attend, partners to cuddle with,  shows to watch, books to read, work to do.  Fitting in time with friends can be a real challenge when you're a busy mom.   But after a date with your bestie, aren't you soooo glad you got together?

Regina and Robin made that date together and showed up in my studio ready for fun.  We laughed, we played dress up, we made gorgeous portraits.  What a morning!

What I loved most about these girls is how different they are.  Look out, Sarah Jessica Parker! Regina is ready to rock the runway.  I think she might just be the newest Sex in the City girl.


Beyond her stop-traffic gaze, Regina has a soft side and a tender spot in her heart for family.  We talked about her two girls and she showed me this gorgeous delicate dress that belonged to her mom.  Love her sweet smile here.


Then there's Robin.  Can you believe Robin has four kids?  She also has the most winning smile I've ever seen.  Nothing makes you feel like a supermodel like having wind in your hair.  How gorgeous is she!


I adore Robin's sense of style.  This is a woman who knows what she likes.  This soft, feminine, lace top suited her perfectly and looked amazing with her beautiful curls.


Of course, I couldn't let the girls leave without a together-shot.  I  hope that this is one they'll always cherish to remember their friendship and their much-deserved morning off.