Celebrating Tweens


My kids have not yet hit tweenhood, but when they do, I hope they are every bit as lovely as Sophia.

When Christina (Sophia's mom) scheduled her Beauty shoot she knew the perfect person to join her would be her 12-year-old daughter.  Christina wisely predicted that Sophia would love the glamour attention.  Our hair and makeup artist Brittany (@Tickled Pink Artistry) fussed over Sophia's gorgeous long curls (yes, we're all jealous!) and even gave her just a touch of mascara so she could experience some fun with makeup too.


Now I know moms just love to see their kids smiling, but I couldn't resist sharing this image.

Just look at those captivating, soulful eyes!  Can ya blame me?

The pose here is not too grown up but it's not childish either.  Kids at this age walk that fine line where they can be all independent one minute and then snuggle up to mom the next and then giggle with their bros.  I was lucky enough to see and capture all those moments.  What a treat!

Now onto Christina!


Christina is my kinda girl!  As a fashion consultant, she has wonderful taste and brought some gorgeous numbers for our dress-up fun.  As an artist, Christina has an eye for composition and structure of an image.  We geeked out noticing the fashion triangles in her images and appreciating the asymmetry.

And of course, we just plain LOVED looking at how darn pretty she is!

Christina and Sophia, I wish you years of love and hugs and a peaceful teenage journey.  Thanks for giving me the opportunity to show you how radiant you are and celebrate this time together.