Gorgeous at any age

At 85, Belle holds the record for the oldest woman I've photographed in my mother/daughter Beauty series.  (85!  Can you believe it?!)

She also holds the record for Most Charming!


Belle was truly a delight to be around!  She was brimming with stories to share and ready for the adventure of her beauty transformation.  Throughout her makeup hour with Brittany (Tickled Pink Artistry) and her wardrobe styling and portrait experience with me, Belle filled us in on all the latest accomplishments of her cherished kids.  She told us how she hoped her makeup would make it through the night so she could look THIS GORGEOUS for her son's award ceremony the next day.

When Belle treated me to the story of how she helped found a camp (Camp Boggy Creek) right here in Florida, she positively beamed.

Now ordinarily, Beauty Photography and T-shirts don't mix, but I truly believe there's nothing MORE BEAUTIFUL than a smile this radiant and genuine.


Another chapter in Belle's treasured storybook is reserved for her daughter, Kathy.  Kathy was the one who decided a mother/daughter portrait experience was in order.  There's a gleam in her eye when Belle tells of her daughter's dance performances as a young girl in New York and it's clear that to this day, her daughter makes her proud.

There's nothing quite so lovely as that mother/daughter bond!


If you thought Belle was gorgeous, check out this knockout right over here!


Kathy was ready to stop traffic with her fashion-forward wardrobe picks.  A little wind in the hair, a little model posing and her magazine-cover-inspired portrait shoot was all set.

I couldn't ask for a better day or a better couple to cross through my studio doors.  Kathy and Belle, thank you so much for sharing your love, connection and stories.  I hope you'll cherish the images and memories from the shoot for years to come!