Love, Gratitude, and the Blessings of Baby

What's a family pet got to do with getting pregnant?

For Sangitha and David, the love they found with their sweet dog, Abby, made a dream come true. David and Sangitha had been trying to have a baby for two and a half years. It was a roller coaster ride of emotion.  After meeting several specialists, trying everything from herbs to hormones to detoxes to diet, the couple finally surrendered and put their trust in God's timing.   It was time to move on.  Sangitha and David moved into a house with a fenced in yard and fell in love with their newly adopted dog Abby.  Exactly 6 days later, they conceived!


In Sangitha's words: "Abby came to release our pent-up sad energy (even though we constantly reminded ourselves how much we already had to be grateful for) and made us focus on her beautiful being... Almost every time I look at her, I'm so grateful as she represents our baby girl who is on her way."


After a story like that, I knew this was going to be a very special shoot.

Sangitha was brimming with input and knew just how she wanted to celebrate her maternity portrait.  First of all, photographing at home was a must.  Secondly, she wanted to honor her family tradition and wear her favorite saris.  With beautiful hair and makeup artistry (Brittany Myzeqari- Tickled Pink Artistry), the perfect time of day considered, gorgeous posing and lighting, and wardrobe help from her lovely sister, Sangitha was just as radiant as can be!

Now all I had to do was climb a tree.

Hey!  Anything to get the shot, right?


Between outfit changes, I couldn't help but notice the little signs of love and affection that fill their home.  Pictures are everywhere!  Gratitude and love is all around.  I spied some favorite fridge quotes including:

Life is Good!

I Made a Wish and You Came True.

and this super cool fridge magnet poem...


The baby who joins this family will be truly blessed!  Much love to you and yours, Sangitha and David.  I wish you a joyful birth and tons of love and kisses to your precious new baby girl.