This is what glamour looks like. {Couples Beauty Portraits}

I'm pretty sure that Allison must have been a Hollywood starlet in another life.


Oh sure, she might try to fool you on days she's not wearing makeup, but looking at the images above I can't help but drop. my. jaw.  Wow, Allison!  Wow!


A true starlet deserves a little bit of mystery and a whole lot of glamour.  Brittany (@Tickled Pink Artistry) worked her magic creating gorgeous curls and perfectly highlighting Allison's incredible features.  This smirk and playful pose are perfect!

Not only did I get to have an incredible shoot with Allison, but I also had a blast photographing her husband Andy.  Yes, men are beautiful too!


Go ahead and let Andy know in the comments how much you love his portrait on the top left there.  Allison and I were gaga over it.  Thoughtful, powerful, dramatic... what's not to love?   The real Andy is all about smiling and flashing those adorable dimples, so of course, I captured that too.

Turns out this gorgeous couple hadn't had professional portraits in, like... forever!  They were ready to do it up and I was psyched to try some new ideas.

I'll admit it... my idea of a good time is  scouring fashion mags for contemporary couples portraits.   The pose below was inspired by a True Religion fashion ad.  We started with serious model faces and a fantastic pose to show off their rockin bods.  One Blue Steel comment later and these two were back to their usual mode-- laughing, playing, loving.   I love that here's a fab pose with genuine, killer smiles on both of them!


Finally, back to Allison... I really wanted to show off her soft, femininity and use the light to sculpt her face.  The result above is pure sensuality and a touch of art.


There were so many great images, I feel like I could go on and on.  But I'm leaving a few surprises for Allison and Andy to share with friends and family.

Thank you, Allison and Andy, for making me laugh.... for bringing your joy, and energy, and fun to the shoot.  I am blessed to know you as clients and friends.  I hope you enjoy these images and the love you share for a lifetime!