This Mother's Day, how will you share your love?


This Mother's Day, go beyond the phone call.  Share an experience with memories that will last a lifetime.

I know that there are stories inside each of us.  I know there's beauty in everything.  And most importantly, I know that love is all around.


See what the Mother/Daughter Beauty Shoot experience is all about below:



Liza and her mom Kathy are the same as you and me. They don't always hug each other as tightly as you've seen here. They live just a few towns away, but sometimes go weeks without seeing each other. They forget to say I love you from time to time. But in their hearts, they share stories of connection, they love each other deeply, and when their eyes smile, they look simply radiant! I'm so grateful for the stories they shared with me and I know they are grateful for the way photography has re-ignited their relationship.

I've got a special treat just for you, my fans.

But first, I want to ask you.... Who would you like to honor this Mother's Day? What relationship needs some extra fire? Whose hugs have you been missing lately? Which person needs to hear "I love you"?

Got your answer? Good. Now go pick up the phone and spread some love. When you're done with that, give me a call at 239-898-4112. I have a very special offer for the first 10 people to book a Beauty shoot for two.