We've been hearing "I love you" a lot around the studio lately

That and, "Wow! You look IN-CRED-IBLE!" Christin and her cousin Colleen (left) totally rocked their session. They got to look and feel like models for the day and more importantly re-hash their memories as kids and teens. These two are so close they remind me of sisters.

Ashley and Jerred (center) tried to set the studio on fire with their smouldering looks. Newly engaged and loving life, these two were more than happy to smile (and kiss) for the camera. Stay tuned for their upcoming video shoot release.

Ann and Mike (right) stole my heart with their incredible smiles. We couldn't believe it when Ann said she hadn't had a beautiful picture since her wedding day. Ann, you are gorgeous inside and out and now you have the pictures to prove it! Mike, you're a charmer! I hope you two have 25 more incredible years together.