When Moms Become Models


When Jennifer saw the chance to do a Beauty portrait shoot, she knew right away that this was something she wanted to share with her daughter Karri.

We started off in the studio with hair, makeup and style consultations.  The girls checked in to oooh and ahhh over their looks as Brittany (@Tickled Pink Artistry) gave them glam touches like false eyelashes and loads of curls.

Next up, time to learn how to pose like a model.

If there's one word you could use to describe Jennifer, it'd be Spunky.

And if I had two more words, they'd be "easy-going" and "fun."  (Wait, is that two words? Or three?)  Her signature Frank Sinatra hat, combined with her gorgeous smile, really brought character to this pose.


Karri came next.  At first she was apprehensive, but Karri and I quickly learned the tricks that worked for her to create connection and show off her amazing looks.  As you can see, she really rocked this shoot.

Wow, Karri, you're killing me with those smouldering eyes.


At their Premiere, when the girls saw their images for the first time, they were blown away.  I think there was some jaw-dropping and maybe even a few tears.  They knew from the morning shoot that they were looking pretty good in their hair and makeup but they had no idea that all those awkward-feeling poses and all that detailed direction  ("Remember, relax your forehead;  chin down just a touch,") would make them look so... WOW!

Here's a peak at their Before and After transformations.


Jennifer and Karri, thank you for bringing your love, laughter and willingness to try something new to the studio.  It was my pleasure to reflect back how gorgeous you are!