Your Love Looks Beautiful

I don't know exactly what Ann's secret is to being so gorgeous, but if I had to hazard a guess I'd say it has something to do with being in love.

Ann seemed equal parts excited and nervous when she showed up for her Beauty portrait shoot.  She thought about bringing along a girlfriend but decided in the end to invite her husband Mike.  Mike couldn't have been more supportive.  Besides admiring appraisals of her great dress selection, and stunning hair and makeup (courtesy of Brittany@ Tickled Pink Artistry), Mike was also the picture of patience.  He was willing to jump in for couples images at a moment's notice but happy to give Ann the starring role she deserved too.


Ann told me that she was worried because the last picture of her that she liked was taken at her wedding-- twenty-four years ago.  Well, I knew we were going to change that.  Her new confidence really shone through as the morning went on.

 Listen up, Vanity Fair, I've got a new model for you!  Isn't she just radiant?


In between dress changes, hair and makeup adjustments, I got to learn more about Ann and Mike-- their travels, their family, their sense of humor and most notably their love for each other.   Next year they'll be celebrating their  twenty-fifth wedding anniversary and I must say:

Love looks beautiful on you!