Senior Magazines: More than Portraits

Our custom Senior Magazines are a timeless snapshot of the person you are as you graduate into adulthood. These fashion-magazine-inspired portraits are created in close collaboration with you. Click the album image to see Aubrie's fantastic celebration of her adventurous personality and close friendship, shot in various locations and distinct editorial styles.


Record your Inspirations and Dreams

Caroline used her Senior Magazine to reflect on her high school experiences, hopes for the future, and favorite quotes-- all while knocking it out of the park as a model-for-the-day, both in our studio and around town! 

Explore your Different Sides

From girl next door to woodland princess to urban chic, we'll create all the settings you can imagine and then design a keepsake album that speaks to each of your moods and musings. Click to see some of Katie's world.

Express your Passions

Adam's low-key style and close connection with God, America, and his Jeep are thoughtfully showcased in his down-to-earth senior mag. Click to read about the people who inspire him, and the sport that pushes him. Great images and a fun sense of humor combine together beautifully to tell his story.

Celebrate your Accomplishments

Caroline's high school years were exciting and competitive. As a champion runner, she had great experiences and proud achievements. Entering college, she reflects on her strong family and faith, while reminding herself that she's beautiful and complete, and that her adventures are only beginning.